Kimberley King

Welcome to Beautiful Creature
Facial Studio


Taking care of your skin is my number one priority. I use the best products, providing luxurious facials and transforming one’s skin. My facials will not only leave your skin glowing and breathing, but you will feel relaxed, renewed, invigorated and transformed. You will be left with a feeling of well-being. I believe in good energy and healing power. In my facial sessions, I spend quality time with my clients. customizing their facial, and making sure all of their skincare needs are met.

with Self

Having a facial, getting away for an hour or so and escaping to calm, is a necessity. Whether it is in the comfort of your own home or a facial studio, it is important to reconnect with self. Self-love and self-care is the highest compliment that one can give to oneself.


There is a facial for everyone. There was a time when men were not big on facials and didn’t get them, but that has changed. Men are focusing more and more on their skincare and also desiring to reverse their aging process. 


Getting a facial in the comfort of ones home allows the client to relax after their treatment. The client doesn’t have to get in the car and drive home and be attentive and alert. I do and can travel to the clients home. Travel fees do apply and vary based on mileage. We are living in a time where many things are delivered to one’s home, including facials.

Useful Products