Kimberley King

About Us


Kimberly is a skilled and passionate skincare professional with 20 years of experience who specializes in anti – aging facials, acne facials, hydrating facial, anti-stress facials, teen facials, men’s facials and more. She is a native of Los Angeles, previously lived in Florence, Italy and loves the esthetics of beautiful things. She has been blessed with great skin, however took a special interest in anti-aging skincare techniques and products, Kimberly has given thousands of facials, and enjoys every moment of being an esthetician. She loves educating her clients on skincare and making her clients look and feel great. Kimberly loves the skin she’s in and wants you to love yours too “we are all Beautiful Creatures”


You are born natural. The natural skin, without the makeup. You were born, the natural beautiful you. I love to see my clients true skin shine through. No filters, no makeup, no mask. No hiding. It is great to give the skin a break from makeup, for those who dare to. My desire is to get the skin in its best condition, so one does not have to rely on makeup and one feels confident and comfortable in their own skin. For me, there is no better feeling, than being able to walk in, your natural you.